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 9th EuroGOOS International Conference opt






France – 13/05/2020 – energiesdelamer.eu. Sea Tech Weel will host the 9th EuroGOOS international conference. You can be interested in submitting an abstract to this conference.

Abstract submission is now open for the "9th EuroGOOS International Conference, Advance in Operational Oceanography: expanding Europe's Ocean Observing and Forecasting capacity", to take place in Brest, France, from 14 to 15 October 2020. 



Key priorities of the 9th EuroGOOS conference


Major developments have taken place in oceanography in recent years particularly in the enhanced networking and cooperation in ocean observing, modelling, data management and ocean services to society. 2021 will mark the beginning of the United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development.

The GOOS strategy lays the foundations for a vision of a truly integrated global system from the open ocean to the coast, from the surface to the bottom, helping to build directly or by assimilating the data in numerical models, the essential information necessary for sustainable development, security, well-being and prosperity following three main themes: climate change, operational services, and health of the ocean.

Reflecting these strategies, the key priorities of the 2020 EuroGOOS conference will be to :

  • Discuss the new approach of the EuroGOOS strategy expanding to Climate and Ocean Health ;
  • Evaluate the ongoing efforts to integrate ocean observing and data initiatives at a global level, meeting societal, policy and economic needs ;
  • Highlight the benefits of cross-cutting approaches in the EuroGOOS strategy ;
  • Evaluate the role of marine research infrastructures in the oceanographic system to answer the new EuroGOOS and GOOS strategies ;
  • Explore some of the new technologies for coastal oceanography ;
  • Highlight the progress in linking and aligning European ocean observing networks, stakeholders and initiatives towards building an integrated and sustained European Ocean Observing System ;
  • Highlight the progress made in modeling around European seas ;
  • Highlight the progress made in integrating and aggregating European marine data to enhance its societal and sustainable economic potential (Copernicus Marine Service, EMODnet, SeaDataNet, and others) ;
  • Identify the future steps in building EOOS ;
  • Explore how EuroGOOS and partners will contribute to the UN Ocean Decade.


How to register and submit my abstract ?

Important information

  • Abstract submission only through the online abstract submission system
  • Abstracts (title - 300 characters max / abstract - 1600 characters max) should pertain to one of the conference themes and topics detailed in this announcement
  • Deadline for submitting abstracts: 31 May 2020; All authors will be notified of acceptance/rejection before mid-July 2020
  • Full papers of approved abstracts should be delivered to EuroGOOS by 31 August 2020, for publication in the EuroGOOS 2020 Conference Proceedings.Registration and abstract submission: https://eurogoos.ifremer.fr/Call-for-abstracts

Side event

The 1st EOOS Technology Forum will be held the 13 October 2020 during the SeaTechWeek, Brest, France (Organized and promoted by the EuroGOOS Technology Plan Working Group and the EuroGOOS Office)

Information on: https://eurogoos.ifremer.fr/Side-event


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