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ITES2019 & OFWE2019

Date: 11 novembre 2019 - 12 novembre 2019

Lieu: London

here are just some of the executive speakers already confirmed:


International Tidal Energy Summit



website 13th Annual - International Tidal Energy Summit 2019 


Henry Dixon, Chairman, North Wales Tidal Energy

Christoph Harwood, Director of Policy and Strategy, Simply Blue Energy

Sian George, Chair of the Board, Orbital Marine

Graham Morley, Project Manager, Morlais Energy

Matthew Taylor, Financial Services, Green Giraffe Energy Bankers

Franck Sylvain, CEO, Eel-Energy

Dr Martin Edlund, CEO, Minesto

Marek Sredzki, CEO,  Water Wall Turbine

Mark Francis, Investments Director, Abundance Investments

Ross Lowrie, Environment & Business - Senior Advisor (Energy & Climate), Environment Agency



Offshore and Floating Wind Europe Conference 2019 


website 10th Annual Offshore & Floating Wind Europe Conference


Bottom Fixed Wind Confrence 

Mainstream Renewable Power, Parwind, Northland Power, Vattenfall, Innogy

Floating Wind Conference

Arne Erik, Developper Floating - Equinor 

Etienne Delcroix, Directeur commercial - Eolfi

Dominique Roddier, CTO & Director - Principle Power

Lisa Mc Dermott, Executive Director - ABN AMRO

José Pinheiro, Project director - EDPR


South Quay, Marsh Wall
Great Britain


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  • Du 11 novembre 2019 au 12 novembre 2019

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