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euromaritime 2020 Events

Date: 29 janvier 2020 - 6 février 2020

Lieu: Marseille - France


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Join the space " MerVeille Energie " [Wonderful Sea Energy] dedicated to research and book your location with BBC Conseil / BBC Consultants has been designated by SOGENA to organize the meetings, pods, pitches and keynotes on Research and Economy Blue. 


EUROMARITIME is organised by the weekly publication Le Marin (Ouest-France group) and the GICAN - French Marine Industry Association, which brings together all civil and military naval industries in France.

Watch the videos relating to the 2017 exhibition - (The videos are principally in French but the exhibition settings are is most informative.)

Dates and times are given as an indication only

4th February 2020

Morning: Exhibition opening, inauguration.

Afternoon: Research, Insurance - Finance, with LHC Conseil

5th February 2020


Euro-Mediterranean maritime cooperation, with Stratégies mer et littoral (Sea and coastline strategy Consultants)


6th February 2020



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Parc Chanot


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  • Du 29 janvier 2020 au 6 février 2020

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