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Regional Sea-level Changes and Coastal Impacts

Date: 10 juillet 2017 00:00 - 15 juillet 2017 00:00

A joint GC SeaLevel (World Climate Research Programme) – IOC Conference

With support from ISSI, LOICS, GCOS, SPP 1889, CliSAP, …


Conference Objectives

The overarching goal of the conference is to establish a consensus of the state of our quantitative understanding of the natural and anthropogenic mechanisms of regional to local sea level variability, to quantify remaining uncertainties and to foster the development of SL predictions and projections that are of increasing benefit for coastal zone management.

Understanding and predicting regional and coastal sea level require the quantification of the composite of processes affecting global mean sea level (GMSL) change, but also of regional and local processes contributing to near coastal changes. These contributions include: exchanges of water mass between the land, the cryosphere and the ocean; dynamics of the ocean and associated water mass transformation and/or redistribution; static processes associated with deformation of the solid Earth, resulting in seafloor movement along with gravitational and rotational effects. On top of this changes in extreme events caused by changes in wind regime are needed

The conference will also promote advances in observing systems required for an integrated SL monitoring and in climate modeling required to improve sea level projections and predictions.



New York, État de New York




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  • Du 10 juillet 2017 00:00 au 15 juillet 2017 00:00

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